CN Radio: Early entertainment for railroad travelers

Photo by Adam Bixby on UnsplashMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Edward Kusalik, who shares the following:

An interesting article appeared in the recent publication of the Canora Chronicle (Camrose Railway Museum /Historic Society) dealing with early historic facts/details/articles of Rail History in my area.

It talks about how passengers were able to listen to the radio on a train:

Thank you so much for sharing this, Edward! Fascinating!

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2 thoughts on “CN Radio: Early entertainment for railroad travelers

  1. Don Hall

    I’d love to see a brief on the technical aspects of this system. Did each train have a single receiver, each car? What frequencies were used? How far from the trackside telegraph wires could one be and still pick up the broadcast? Good article!

  2. Mike N7MSD

    Yes, thank you very much for this! I wonder how this dates historically with other systems elsewhere in the world that operated in this fashion (carrier over wire)? Here in the US, the FCC has a specific section of regulations for these systems, usually installed in universities and related campus-wide facilities and normally unlicensed (Part 15 in our legal jargon).


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