is down. Any insight?

—UPDATE (09 Sep 2021): The site is now back up!—

A number of SWLing Post readers and contributors have contacted me lately regarding disappearance of the excellent website.

When one tries to load the page, the browser will eventually return an “Error Connection Timed Out” message.

I checked snapshots of the website on the Internet Archive and it seems the last time a change was noted was in August 8, 2021. This doesn’t mean that it was the last day the site was online, rather, the last successful attempt of taking a snapshot of the page.

The website is an amazing resource, so I believe all of us would like to see it online again. I’m hopeful this is merely a temporary issue.

If anyone has any insight into this site and why it might be down, please comment. Also if you know the site owner, perhaps reach out and mention that the site is down. I don’t have his contact information.

Many thanks!

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