Radio Romania International: Listeners’ Day 2021

RRI’s Tiganesti-based shortwave transmitter centre (Photo source: Radio Romania International)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Iurescia (LW4DAF), who shares the following notice from Radio Romania International:

Listeners’ Day on Radio Romania International

Sunday, the 7th of November 2021, will be Listeners’ Day on Radio Romania International, celebrated a week after the Romanian Radio Day marked on the 1st of November. 2021, just like the previous year, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has profoundly changed our lives, keeping us apart from family and friends and influencing our way of spending free time.

Bombarded with all sort of news and information, we realised that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between true and false stories. During the pandemic, public radio and TV stations have been doing their best to offer quality journalism and reliable information. This effort has been repaid, as most people have returned to public stations as their main source of reliable information.

In this year’s edition of Listeners’ Day on RRI we ask you, again, what has been your most trusted source of information on the pandemic? Have you removed from your list the sources of information proven to be spreading fake news and misinform the public? Which is the role that radio, the public radio in particular, plays in your life at this time of uncertainty?

We are looking forward to receiving your answers, which will be included in our shows on the 7th of November! You can email them to us, at, post them on Facebook or send them as a comment to this article on RRI’s website at If you like, you can also send us pre-recorded answers via WhatsApp, at +40744312650, or you can send us your telephone number so we can call you from the studio and record your opinions. Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “Radio Romania International: Listeners’ Day 2021

  1. Pietrzyk, Brian

    So is there going to be a broadcast about this on Nov 7 we should tune into. Can you provide specifics? I will try from Canada. My neighbors are from Romania and it would be a good way to introduce them to Shortwave in action. Thanks. Brian ve3bwp.

    1. Luca T

      RRI broadcasts to the East Coast of America from 0000-0057 UTC on 7375 kHz and 9550 kHz, and to the West Coast from 0300-0357 UTC on 7375 kHz and 9350 kHz.


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