Looking for firmware files? Don’t download unless you know the source!

A quick PSA from SWLing Post HQ…

Many of our modern receivers, transceivers, and SDRs allow us to perform firmware updates in order to upgrade product functionality and even fix known bugs. I try to keep the latest firmware on all of my radios.

With that said, always go to the original manufacturer or authorized retailer’s website to download firmware files, drivers, and firmware installation tools.

The internet is chock-full of deceptive sites offering “firmware files” for a wide variety of products that are nothing more than viruses and malware.

Never follow a firmware file link from a radio discussion forum, for example, unless that link can be verified as authentic and supported by the manufacturer or product designer/developer. It’s too easy for someone to pose as a discussion member and drop a link to a malicious bit of code!

I was contacted by two different SWLing Post readers recently who found links to malware posing as firmware files for radios in discussion groups. Obviously, I’m not going to share those links, so I simply ask that you double check the authenticity of the site before downloading.

That is all! Have a wonderful weekend and good DX!


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