Radio Carillon via Channel 292 on December 5 & 12, 2021

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Fastradioburst23, who shares the Radio Carillon flyer above announcing a broadcast on Monday, December 5th and 12th, 2021 at 1800 UTC on 3955 kHz via Channel 292. Make sure to mark your listening calendar!

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6 thoughts on “Radio Carillon via Channel 292 on December 5 & 12, 2021

    1. Artur Fernández Llorella

      Channel 292 is a shortwave station in Rohrbach, Germany, which relays other stations and radio broadcasts. They use 3955, 6070 and 9650 KHz.

  1. Franco

    Carillon Radio from Leicestershire, U.K. is a good station with some decent varied music playlists but I’m not sure if this is the same station based on that flyer.

    Anyone confirm?

  2. Abigail

    It’s not the most informative of flyers, is it? What’s Radio Carillon? What does it play? What does it talk about? Google thinks it’s a hospital radio station in Leicestershire, UK, but I doubt they’re playing out on 292.

    If they want people to make an effort to tune into their station, especially on a 292 signal that seems to get weaker by the month, they need to do a bit better than just saying “we’re on”.

    1. Paul Capewell

      Agreed! I asked them via Reddit recently after a similar cryptic announcement what sort of things they played – music? Talk? A mixture? New shows? Old classics rebroadcast? And they just replied that I just needed to tune in to find out. Which I get – but a few more clues would be good!

      I presume it’s a play on words of Radio Caroline, one of the more well known British originally pirate stations… But beyond that I have no idea.

      Fortunately at least this show is at 1800 UTC – I think the last one (which I was just advised to tune in and find out) was at 0000 UTC – slightly less convenient.

      1. Fastburstradio23

        Thanks for everyone’s interest in the program. We like to drop clues in our announcements and get listeners involved in figuring things out, adding a touch of mystery and even more magic to the already magical radio airwaves. For this show the biggest clue is in the word “carillon” itself. Of course it is also a play on Radio Caroline, which should also ring some bells.

        “A carillon is a pitched percussion instrument that is played with a keyboard and consists of at least 23 cast bronze bells in fixed suspension and tuned in chromatic order so that they can be sounded harmoniously together.”


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