Exercising Over the Air: Carlos’ Shortwave Art and Recording of Radio Oromiya

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor and noted political cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, who shares yet another example of his radio log art, this time for clandestine station, Radio Oromiya.

Carlos notes:

Thomas, as you know I’m monitoring broadcastings from and to war-torn Ethiopia, documenting the conflict via shortwave broadcastings.

This one is particularly curious.

The presenter is counting from zero to ten, in Oromo language. At first I thought it was a number station or codified message of some sort.

But thanks the patience and kindness of Ethiopian Twitter users, I realized that I listened to a physical fitness training via radio, part of Ethiopian govt’s effort to fight sedentarism and encourage its citizens to engage regular physical activity.

Clcik here to listen via YouTube.

This is brilliant, Carlos! I don’t think I’ve ever heard an exercise program on shortwave before. As always, I love your artwork.

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2 thoughts on “Exercising Over the Air: Carlos’ Shortwave Art and Recording of Radio Oromiya

  1. Henryk

    Great site! Very much interesting information. I am especially interested in the technical aspects of reception; receivers, antennas, radio wave propagation, directions. The sounds of exotic, distant radio stations have always put me in deep thought about our lives… Greetings from north-eastern Poland!

  2. Frankie

    Lovely 🙂
    Just wanted to add: Radio Denmark does it every morning as well, on 243 khz: “encouraging” voice plus “ballet” piano accompaniment. I find this refreshing to hear (even if my Danish is as good as my Oromo).
    Happy New Year everyone!


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