REMINDER TODAY: KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska Christmas Special Show On WRMI Shortwave!

Join me, Paul Walker, on WRMI Shortwave for a special LIVE broadcast being relayed from NPR/community radio station KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska where I work as Program Director

It’ll take place Saturday December 25th 0400-0600UTC on 5850kHz to the east coast US and 7730kHz to the west coast US, Canada along with Hawaii, and the South Pacific (NZ, Aus, etc)

We don’t have QSL cards or anything but if you want confirmation of reception, keep the email short and sweet with the usual needed details and send me a note: [email protected]

(5850kHz has a pretty wide beam and despite being directed at Vancouver, it’s often quite audible in the eastern US.  7330kHz is beamed towards the US/Mexico border  which affords 7730 better coverage of the Pacific Ocean region countries )

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8 thoughts on “REMINDER TODAY: KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska Christmas Special Show On WRMI Shortwave!

  1. David Potter

    I managed to catch most of it on 5900kHz.
    As an Amateur Radio operator, I really enjoyed the shortwave experience.
    Very little fading here on the East coast of England.
    Many thanks for your contribution.
    David Potter G1ZQC U.K.

  2. TheZ

    Gosh darn… Had it all tuned in but fell asleep in my EST time zone. Will this be able to be listened to some other way like You Tube?

  3. mangosman

    When Christmas/New Year has died down, I would like to know what effect being in such high latitudes has on HF transmission. Does the aurora borealis cause lots of electrical noise for example. What frequency bands work best in summer and which in winter.

    I have just come in side from a +40 Celsius (+104 Fahrenheit) walk covered in sweat. This is Australia in summer!


    1. Paul Walker Post author

      mangosman, high latitudes make for great over the pole reception.. i ehar stuff beamed to africa from europe and asia real well sometimes. the aurora ruins radio reception. i have no idea what frequencies are good when


      1. Alain Nonyme

        Another radio event you might want to publish:

        For the last 76 years, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race has been run on Boxing Day December 26. Sadly last year due to COVID, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia announced that the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race would not be proceeding in 2020. The great news is it will be recommencing in 2021
        The race covers 628 nautical miles from Sydney to Hobart. Installation of an operational HF transceiver is mandatory for all vessels entered in the race.
        HF and shortwave radio enthusiasts can listen in to position and weather reports during the race by monitoring the following frequencies:
        Primary HF frequency: 4483 kHz USB
        Secondary frequency: 6516 kHz USB
        6516 kHz USB is constantly monitored by relay vessel “JBW” owned and donated for use during the race by Mr John Winning, owner of Appliances Online. JBW is a 70 foot motor cruiser.
        Weather forecasts:
        4426 kHz, 8176 kHz, 12365 kHz and 16546 kHz, USB at 1030, 1430 and 1830 AEST daily, 2201 kHz, 6507 kHz, 8176 kHz and 12365 kHz USB at 0230, 0630 and 2230 AEST daily.
        Tasmanian weather forecasts on the above frequencies at: 1130 and 1530 AEST
        Tasmanian maritime radio:
        2524 kHz, 4146 kHz, and 6627 khz USB at 0745, 1345, 1633 and 1903 AEST
        Position reports:
        4483 kHz USB at 1935, 2035 and 0635AEST daily


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