WBCQ’s New Radio Angela Service On 4790 kHz Begins Next Week

WBCQ’S new Radio Angela Service on 4790 kHz, which has been propagation testing during February, will begin its regular broadcast schedule on March 1 world date (February 28 US date)
using the nightly hours of 10pm Eastern US time to Midnight Eastern US time (currently 0300-0500 UTC, the UTC will change with daylight savings time).   That two hour block will feature  music and radio theater programs from around the world, several of which are appearing for the very first time anywhere.  The full schedule will be published on the WBCQ website and various other places in cyberspace within a few days.   The March schedule will have a few repeat slots as a second wave of new programs prepares for April rollouts.
On February 28 world date from 0300-0500 UTC (US time and date February 27, 10pm-Midnight EST), a two hour special program, A Taste of Radio Angela, will be presented featuring clips from various programs that will be part of  the service.
This special 2-hour broadcast block on 4790 kHz is sponsored by Angela and Allan Weiner and curated by “Uncle Bill” Tilford, who also hosts three of the programs.  Propagation testing during February has demonstrated that reception is mostly favorable in Eastern and Central North America from 7PM Eastern US onwards, and although the signal is aimed southwest from the transmitter in Monticello, Maine, it also lands very well in parts of Europe, especially parts of Ireland, Portugal, Germany and Italy but also in several other countries to a lesser extent.
Airtime will be available for purchase outside of the 10pm-Midnight program block with priority given to music (especially but not exclusively new music) and other entertainment or cultural programs that align with Radio Angela’s mission to become a stellar entertainment and cultural institution on shortwave.  Inquiries about airtime should be directed to [email protected]
Watch the March NASWA Journal, Spectrum Monitor and British DX Communication magazines (and of course this space) and listen to Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio  for more coverage of Radio Angela.

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About Bill Tilford

Bill has been a shortwave listener since the 1960s, a program host and producer for the past several years, and he currently produces and hosts From the Isle of Music, Uncle Bill's Melting Pot and WBCQ Concert Hall in addition to curating the Radio Angela block of entertainment programs on that station and periodic collaborative specials with other stations. He also writes about Cuban music including on the website TIMBA.com and is active in the music industry as a producer and liner notes writer.

7 thoughts on “WBCQ’s New Radio Angela Service On 4790 kHz Begins Next Week

  1. Thomas

    4790 kHz signal is unuseable from SW Idaho, USA. Best was extremely weak signal, worst was visual carrier only, but always blanketed by strong CODAR signal(s). Disappointing.

  2. Julio Cesar Pereira

    This is awesome. I miss so many shortwave stations, whether domestic or international with music, varied programming from all over the world. At the time, it just took me a small 2 band radio for me to savor it. I live in southern Brasil and I’m way off WBCQ’s 4790kHz, but today we have web sdr. Muito obrigado a Angela, Allan e Bill.


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