WBCQ Begins New Fundraiser To Expand Operations

From “Uncle Bill” Tilford:

In the wake of its recent Radio Angela subsidized entertainment programming initiative, WBCQ has begun a fundraising effort to upgrade its lower-power transmitters to 100kw, upgrade its antennas and expand its subsidized program offerings as well as make the station a more attractive option to potential paying customers in areas such as public affairs.   In addition to its donation links on WBCQ.com, it has opened a GoFundME page for this purpose.

Please note that this fundraiser is for WBCQ, not the SWLing Post.

– Bill Tilford

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About Bill Tilford

Bill has been a shortwave listener since the 1960s, a program host and producer for the past several years, and he currently produces and hosts From the Isle of Music, Uncle Bill's Melting Pot and WBCQ Concert Hall in addition to curating the Radio Angela block of entertainment programs on that station and periodic collaborative specials with other stations. He also writes about Cuban music including on the website TIMBA.com and is active in the music industry as a producer and liner notes writer.

3 thoughts on “WBCQ Begins New Fundraiser To Expand Operations

  1. Tom

    Although upgrades are expensive, I must have a firm commitment beforehand from WBCQ that such upgrades will include digital shortwave (DRM) capability. I simply don’t listen to analog shortwave much anymore.

  2. Steve

    WBCQ doesn’t do a good job of updating donors and listeners about their fund raisers. I donated a large sum years ago for the wind turbine project. It was supposed to take the transmitters off the grid. It never happened…

  3. Tim Brockett

    A few comments.
    It would be wonderful if WBCQ could provide incentives for adding viewership via colorful, complete, and ever-changing QSL cards. Like Texas Shortwave does. In addition, it would be great if WBCQ had an email list that shared schedules, upcoming events, emails for various program contact information, etc.
    Finally, I suggest NOT using GoFundMe after the stunt they pulled with the Canadian Truck Driver’s movement. The politically motivated at GoFund Me seized almost 10 million in funding and then threatened to give it to a charity of THEIR choosing. When told they would be sued to no end, GoFund Me reluctantly gave it back to the donors. None of the ten million dollars pledged to the truckers went to the truckers. The bottom line is GoFundMe cannot be trusted. WBCQ stands for Free Speech; clearly, GoFundMe does not.


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