Listen: Apollo 11 Real-Time Mission Experience

CAPCOM Charles Duke (left), with backup crewmen Jim Lovell and Fred Haise listening in during Apollo 11’s descent (Photo: NASA)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Wilbur, who writes:

I thought you may be interested in this. A few years back the same group posted Apollo 13 realtime audio. I listened to for days. It was during lockdown for Covid-19 so I had lots of time at home to keep it on.

It really renewed my love of radio.

I missed the Launch, as I just found it here at 2:00 local EST. But I will be monitoring for the next few days.

This the Big one, so it will be interesting to hear.

Click here to check out NASA’s Apollo 11 Real-Time Mission Experience.

Thanks for all that you do!


Thank you for the tip! As I did with Apollo 13, I’ll keep this running in the background for the next few days! 

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One thought on “Listen: Apollo 11 Real-Time Mission Experience

  1. Michael Cathcart

    This is faaaantastic. I was just a year and some weeks old when this happened, so have no memory of it; I do have memories of watching the last Apollo missions, including Apollo/Soyuz, on our gigantic (to little me) television console. My whole family were and remain ardent space program buffs… and I’ve sent this link to all of them! Thank you for posting it.


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