The C.Crane Digital FM Transmitter 3

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who shares information about the latest C.Crane FM transmitter:

Check out the new C.Crane FM Transmitter 3.

Everything is the same as the previous model except it now covers 87.7 to 108 MHz.

People have been reported as being in big trouble for using 87.7 MHz, or is it because of their competitor, the Whole House FM Transmitter? This also covers the entire band but has serious build quality defects according to the Amazon reviews and costs more than the C.Crane FM-3.

Click here to check out the C.Crane FM Transmitter 3.

Thanks for the tip, Ron! Like many, I use FM and AM transmitters to pipe Internet radio streams throughout my house: especially the UK 1940s Radio Station!

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3 thoughts on “The C.Crane Digital FM Transmitter 3

  1. mangosman

    If you are after better sound quality and more convenience use Bluetooth 5.0 eg. or now there are many Bluetooth headphones available

  2. Paul Steckler

    Curiously, the frequency response of the 3 is spec’d as 40Hz – 15kHz, while the 2 spec was 30Hz – 15kHz. That shouldn’t make any difference for nearly all uses, but interesting that the specs differ.


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