Rafael spots a Tecsun S2000 in “Moonfall”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rafael Rodriguez, who writes:

Hi Thomas

Once again the Radio Tecsun model S2000 makes its appearance in a movie, this time in the Hollywood science fiction action and adventure production called “Moonfall.”

Without being a film critic, the movie is very regular ; but it gives screen to this radio that seems to be a favorite in the setting.

Good DX

Rafael Rodriguez R.
Bogotá D.C. – COLOMBIA

Great catch, Rafael. When I watch Moonfall, I’ll keep an eye out for that S2000! Thank you so much for sharing!

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4 thoughts on “Rafael spots a Tecsun S2000 in “Moonfall”

  1. James Tedford

    I saw the scene with the Tecsun model S2000. There was another scene that was dear to my heart: where the character KC Houseman uses a slide rule to calculate the moon’s orbit.

    I love slide rules. I learned to use one when I was 13. (I’m 63 now.) I used a slide rule all through high school and college until I got a digital calculator. My uncle bought me one for my senior year. Texas Instruments Analyst II Slimline Calculator. I was an Economics major. I still have it.

    I still have a collection of slide rules that I use sometimes for nostalgia.

  2. Paul Evans

    There’s no such thing as “The Dark Side of the Moon”, only the ‘Far side of the Moon’. Think about it. The far side receives just as much ‘sunshine’ as the nearside. Or, come to that, anywhere on the Moon (except maybe the shadows in polar craters). The far side just cannot easily be used to get RF into/out of without using a satellite in orbit around the Moon. Pink Floyd did physics no favours 🙂


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