RNZ Pacific resumes shortwave analogue service to Pacific region

(Source: RNZ via Alokesh Gupta)

RNZ Pacific resumes shortwave analogue service to Pacific region (RNZ)

From September 1, RNZ Pacific will resume its shortwave analogue service to the Pacific region between the hours of 5 and 9am New Zealand time.

Shortwave radio is radio transmission using shortwave (SW) radio frequencies.

RNZ Pacific broadcasts in digital and analogue shortwave to radio stations and individual listeners in the Pacific – the digital service is available via satellite and the analogue shortwave can be accessed by anyone with shortwave radio.

The AM service during the breakfast period was stopped in 2016.

The resumption of the analogue service will allow listeners in remote locations with a domestic shortwave radio to hear RNZ Pacific 24 hours a day, made possible with extra funding from the New Zealand government.

RNZ Pacific will run three different frequencies at various times, at 5am NZT tune in on 7425 kilohertz, at 6am NZT listen on 9700 kilohertz, and at 8am NZT change the dial to 11725.

For our full schedule of shortwave frequencies check out the RNZ Pacific website.

The DRM digital service during breakfast hours will continue on transmitter two for our partner stations around the Pacific region.

RNZ Pacific’s flagship daily current affairs programme Pacific Waves is widely listened to across the region and is also broadcast by the BBC Pacific Service.

Read the full story at RNZ.

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5 thoughts on “RNZ Pacific resumes shortwave analogue service to Pacific region

    1. mangosman

      China has made a security agreement with Solomon Islands under Australian Government’s nose. Solomon Islands are only 1700 km from the Queensland coast. Then there was a change of Government with a massive landslide election. The new government is going to pour money into Radio Australia, so wait and see how they spend it. There is only 13 satellite fed low powered FM transmitters. They expect listeners to either use a large C band satellite dish & receiver or the internet!
      RA’s transmitter site was sold to a land developer, who is just sitting on it.

  1. Darren Hennig

    RNZI is now on 9700kHz after 0500UT. Change off after 15720kHz TX… as of August mid-month at least…

    Good DX!

    Darren, VE4VE

  2. mangosman

    https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/listen shows that DRM is continuing as before, but an AM simulcast has started.
    Shows that management doesn’t understand the technology.
    The DRM as good sound quality free program feed to small South Pacific broadcasters. Satellite costs money and is not reliable during cyclones (hurricanes)


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