2 thoughts on “Video: Dave Casler reviews the Chameleon CHA-RXL Pro

  1. Carl Lavoie

    The CHA RXL PRO is NOT a transmitting magnetic loop antenna! So elevation matter if you want to get the BEST SWL as possible specially if parts of your home has some metallic structures in them preventing RF to reach the antenna.

    Elevating the antenna ABOVE rooftop will also reduce manmade noise which created by just about everything in the home these days.

  2. Mike Agner

    Unfortunately the author falls prey to a lot of folks who thinks loops should be high up and in the air to perform well. As we have discussed previously, such is not the case. In fact the way the author has the loops mounted, any HOA would be hopping all over him. Is he calling Mork from Ork with those things? (with a nod to the late Robin Williams…). Put ’em down low, and you might just get away with it…

    I sent him a note via YouTube; let’s see if he responds. It does do a nice compare showing how well the amp works, though comparing against the MFJ model


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