Alex shares details about the latest Belka portable and upgrades

After posting information about the new Belka upgrades yesterday, Belka designer, Aleksandr Buevskiy, reached out to me and shared the following details and clarification about the latest design: 

I would like to share some more details/photos about Belka so that there is clear understanding of what features the new version has.

First, regarding its name. Now there’s no “DX”, “DSP” or something else. Belka is just named “Belka”. As simple as that 🙂

Second, frequency range was extended with the same parameters and performance. It’s now 0,1-31 MHz.

In previous versions there were 32 memory cells, we’ve now added a few more – 36 is exact number now to be precise.

One more thing about memory cells is that now there is a possibility to listen to memory cells before loading. See attached how it looks like (I’ve added video illustrating memory cells listening just because there were questions).

I also attach several photos of new version and add block diagram. You’ll find attached also PCB photo of new version:


Thank you for sharing all of this detail, Alex. I believe your new Belka will be a hit! I’m sure readers reach out with their reviews and we will share them here on the SWLing Post!

Click here to check out the new Belka.

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12 thoughts on “Alex shares details about the latest Belka portable and upgrades

  1. Egil - LA2PJ

    I’m very satified with my Belka-DX so the news about the new version is most welcome.
    Unfortunately are all kinds of money transfer between Norway and Belarus blocked at the moment becauce of the war.

  2. Peter Gibson

    I purchased a Belka DX not long after it came on the market. I take it that there is no firmware update etc, to extend to MW? I would love to have mw but cannot afford to buy a new Belka just for that.

  3. Bruce

    I ordered a Belka DX in early August and there was no problem with the currency transaction. It was shipped on August 15 and arrived at the New York City Customs Office on September 16. I’ve been waiting since then for it to transition to my location in Florida. I contacted the USPS and all they said was that it’s in Customs, which I already knew. I certainly hope it makes it here.

  4. Alex EU1ME

    I personally ask all the emails coming as soon as possible. John, please check if you’ve contacted via correct email – [email protected]. I can not see any unreplied message in my box.
    As for shipping, currently we do ship to the USA and Europe. The only exception is Denmark and Sweden, because these countries refused to receive packages coming from Russia and Belarus.
    As for payment, 90% of payments from USA go through successfully. Some American banks may not allow transactions but this question can also be resolved by making a call to your bank and asking to permit this very transaction.
    As for Europe, situation with payment is a little bit more challenging, still most of the customers succeed with payment with this or that credit card. Should you have any more questions, I will be happy to answer them here or at [email protected]

  5. John AE5X

    “Unfortunately, getting a Belka direct from Alex is still a challenge in the US, due to war sanctions.”

    I emailed him a few days ago, asking if he’s able to ship to the US.
    No answer.

    John AE5X

    1. 13dka

      Hi John, I can imagine that this is really a challenge (and a moving target on top). When I tried to check the situation for my own country I quickly ran out of Google-Fu and had to contact my bank to get a definitive answer, and trying to find that out for other countries and banks is probably not easier. 🙁

      1. John AE5X

        I guess I’ll just have to try and see, Ollie. Preps for a recent storm here made me realize that I didn’t have an AM broadcast radio in the house (what kind of ham am I?!) with the Belka-DX only going as low as 1.5 MHz. But then I remembered – the IC-705 to the rescue.

  6. 13dka

    Basically a kind of VFO/MEM mode, very cool. I’d love to put it through its paces at the dike but I’m waiting for my 2-step auth data so I can try my CC card to order one (wire transfer does not work from Germany anymore).

    1. 13dka

      I had success using my CC with the BelSwissBank option you can select on the Belka purchase page for payment! Really looking forward to it! 🙂


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