Belka DX updated to now cover mediumwave and longwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Garr, who writes:

I have some interesting news for all of those Belka DX fans, Alex the guy behind this magnificent receiver has just announced the introduction of a new model. Ok so it is still called the Belka DX but it has now got a total frequency coverage of 100KHz to 31MHz so those that have put off buying because of lack of Long wave and Medium wave have now had their prayers answered. There has been no fanfare announcement about this but they have just updated their website with the new added frequency range. I am just waiting for the first review to appear before committing my hard earned cash.
Dave Gurr

Click here to check it out.

Excellent news. I’m sure this will make the Belka DX even more popular than it already is. I have to assume a ferrite bar hasn’t been added (there isn’t much room for one in the Belka series) so you would need to pair a proper MW/LM antenna antenna in order to fully take advantage of the new bands.   

Thank you for the tip, Dave!

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10 thoughts on “Belka DX updated to now cover mediumwave and longwave

  1. Peter Jernakoff

    Hi all. Earlier today, I sent Aleksandr Buevskiy the following note via his website regarding his new Belka radio:

    ”Hi Alex! I just became aware of the new version (additional reception of the LW and MW bands) of your most excellent Belka DX radio. (I have the Belka DX and love it!!) Curious to learn if the upgraded radio will require attachment to an external antenna to capably receive both the LW and MW bands. Or has a ferrite antenna of some sort been incorporated into this new radio? Thank you in advance for your reply!”

    His reply was very quick in coming:

    “Hi Peter,
    You may receive LW and MW bands on telescopic antenna supplied (as on the video attached you may see that reception is on the telescopic antenna at home). You may also connect external antenna of course.”

    A link to the mentioned video is provided below:

  2. Patricio Oelckers A.

    Being happy with my Belka-DX, I ordered today the new Belka, with LW/MW, and is on the way to Chile

    Soon I will need to carry only the Belka for portable use, I usually must carry another ultralight receiver for MW/LW.

    Another useful feature of the new Belka is to listen to memories, without loading them, which is something that I missed in the Belka-DX, I hope it works similarly to the Afedri LAN-IQ memory manual scan.

  3. Jeff Wagner

    Great review as usual. Do you have any plans to review the Omega 900 from Poland? Perhaps compare it to the RGO One?

  4. Fabrizio

    Nice to be able to listen to AM and LW. But I am like Saint Thomas, I will wait for the tests before believing in a “miracle” 😉


    It is now called “Belka”, not Belka DX anymore-
    There is also a new feature that I haven’t fully understood: the ability to “listen to a station in a memory cell before loading it”

    1. chipbutty

      That sounds quite useful. I imagine as you scroll through your memory slots it will automatically load them within the memory view but when you return to the main screen you will still be on the frequency you were listening to before entering the memory view (unless you selected one of the memories). I could be entirely wrong but that’s how I would interpret it. It’s perhaps a feature you can switch on or off.

      I’ve just looked in the manual and seen this: To listen to memory cells: Press the “MEM” button, then press the “PWR” button to listen. Press “PWR” to turn off the memory cell listening mode.


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