11 thoughts on “RETEKESS V115 on sale at AliExpress

  1. Barry Bogart, VE7VIE

    Mine just arrived, and I am very impressed with the audio. It sounds better than my Sony SRF-18. I think the bass reflex port in the back helps. I listened to WWV on 20mHz and it came in about the same as the Eton G6 and better than the Kaito 1102 and almost as well as my Elecraft KX3. That is with the whip or long wire. Of course, the long wire (maybe 15′) helps a lot. Ft. Collins is about 2000 KMs away.

    BTW the square thing on the wrist strap can be inserted in the slot in back near the whip to prop it up.

  2. Walt Salmaniw

    Mine arrived exactly 10 days after placing my order. The main hold up was Customs here in Canada, but was cleared within about 5 days, so I’m pleased overall that it came promptly. Just charging it up for the first time.

  3. Barry Bogart, VE7VIE

    Anyone had any trouble getting this? Mine was stopped at customs:

    AliX: “Your order 8162198833920663 has been temporarily delayed while in transit due to unforseeable circumstances. This could have happened for a number of reasons: customs clearance, distribution, transit issues, etc. ”

    Canada Post: “Feb. 17 5:44 pm
    Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review.
    Vancouver, BC”
    And then:
    “Estimated delivery date: Mar 4, 2023
    Failed to clear at import customs”

    ???? I have never seen this. I have received even transceivers from AliX!

    Any ideas?

  4. Egil Ingebrigtsen

    Last year I had a serious accident which resulted in two months in hospital. During this stay, I used my old V115 in a quite different way. My son in law copied 45 audiobooks to a TF card, which was put into the receiver. There was way too much noise for listening to shortwave there, so I used the receiver as an MP3-player instead. For audiobooks this is an almost unbeatable player!

    Egil – LA2PJ

  5. TheZ

    I just bought one on Amazon for $20 and some change. They applied an auto coupon that lowered the price during checkout.

  6. john

    I’ve seen this radio selling across a wide range of prices.

    Bought my unit about three years back for around $17.

    It has outstanding audio, especially on FM and its performance on shortwave is not too shabby considering it’s price point.

  7. Adi

    On one of the users review it looks as it has been updated to version2.3
    my 5 years old one is V1.

    * When I click that link I see price of 16.49, soon as I sign into AliX, price jumps to 20.49

  8. Barry Bogart, VE7VIE

    Ordered it. $30 Cdn with free shipping. I want a small radio with a speaker and most of all USB recharging, for camping. Decent eHam revews.


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