HAM – Official Documentary (YouTube)

Grazing the rich pastures of the interwebz I just stumbled upon this short documentary made by students of the School of Visual and Media Arts program at the University of Montana. It aired on Montana PBS in November 2022 and was uploaded to YouTube 2 weeks ago.

I like the modern style of this work, letting the images and the people in them speak for themselves, and radiate their fascination with the hobby. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “HAM – Official Documentary (YouTube)

  1. 13dka Post author

    Yes that was indeed an A+ in my book (not an expert, but still) – lovely pictures, great editing, picking meaningful statements from the protagonists, using just as much music needed to create a the right atmosphere, getting the right messages out…really everything done right. 🙂

  2. Kris Partridge

    A well put together piece on Amateur Radio. It’s gone a bit viral on FB, hopefully it will help in attracting more to the hobby. A hobby which both eectronically and phyiscally has taken me round the world.
    73 de Kris
    G8AUU, SO6AUU/9, ( es many other call signs..! )

  3. Raven Redfox

    Very nice and interesting video. I grew up in Missoula and moved back there in 2022 hung around for a year then moved back to Santa Fe, NM. Although I’m not a HAM yet I’ve heard a lot of operators from Montana via the shortwave and SDR radios, recorded many on the air QSO’s from the Treasure State.
    This well produced video makes me want to study for my Technicians class license, who knows, I could make contact with KMSO group in Missoula!
    Thanks for sharing this great video.


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