Reminder: The SWLing Post message board

Reminder:  The SWLing Post has its own little oldschool message board!

The Message Board front page

Here’s a friendly reminder that the SWLing Post has nice little message board to discuss SWLing Post articles, everything radio, ask for advice on all things radio or share logs, experiences and thoughts!  It’s online since almost a year now, but so far there wasn’t much traffic on the board except for the time when the SULA antenna was born on that board. 🙂

Here’s the link:

Yet another forum?

The idea for this message board came out of necessity: Thomas got swamped with emails asking questions of all sorts, and replying to them all became a very time-consuming chore because – you know what kind of guy Thomas is – he’s trying to answer all of them.  The message board is an easy (and probably faster) way to get the information you need, if Google doesn’t cut it!

Also, the comment section below each post is good for comments but not for discussions: You can’t quote key sentences or post pictures and comment threads are limited to n comments before the layout breaks apart and you can’t reply anymore.  If there are many reactions to a post, creating a new thread in the message board and posting the link to it in the comment sections here is a much better way to continue an in-depth discussion on articles posted here on the SWLing Post!

73s and always good reception,

Ollie (13dka)

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7 thoughts on “Reminder: The SWLing Post message board

  1. Ken VA5KEN

    You would get a lot more traffic if you put a link to the forum in the menu at the top of this blog.

    1. K.U.

      Unfortunately, the above test was unsuccessful. The code and data disappeared altogether, it isn’t visible even in the rss feed.

      However, inputting mathml equations should work even without the data url method.
      I’ll test it here; if it works you should see the formula to calculate the resonance frequency of an LC-circuit below:



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