Shortwave Modernization Petition

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Benn Kobb (AK4AV), who writes:


The FCC has placed the Shortwave Modernization petition online for
public download:

The petition was filed by a coalition of financial services companies
affiliated with HF stations operating in the Experimental Radio Service
(FCC Part 5).

They ask the FCC to allocate frequencies for commercial international
shortwave data communications. That is not currently permitted except as
temporary experiments.

The FCC has not yet opened a proceeding for public comment on this
petition, but I expect that to happen soon.

That process assigns the petition a RM-number. It sets a deadline by
which the public may file comments referencing that number.

Benn Kobb AK4AV
Experimental Radio News

Thank you for the tip, Benn!

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4 thoughts on “Shortwave Modernization Petition

  1. Peter L

    It’s called “arbitrage” not “gaming the system”. The whole thing is a casino (stocks, bonds, futures, options), and nothing is likely to change that in our lifetimes.

    That said, most of HF is fallow these days. If there are companies that can make use of this spectrum for something, then I support that. At the very least, there will be a lot of heavy duty HF gear on the market in 5-10 years after they turn their eyes towards the next shiny object.

  2. Art Delibert

    Some financial services companies “game” the stock, bond and futures markets by noting slight differences that arise from time to time between, for example, the markets in NY and the markets in Chicago. The trick is to communicate trading instructions as fast as possible to take advantage of those differences — for example, by buying in the cheaper market and selling in the more expensive market. This has to be done very quickly, before the differences between the two markets iron themselves out. The companies that do this have built high-speed internet connections to facilitate their trading. Are they now looking at shortwave as a faster form of communication between the markets?


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