Can you ID this radio in Twelve O’Clock High–?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

At about the 15 minute mark in the classic movie, Twelve O’Clock High, about B-17 bomber groups in England during WWII, this scene shows a commander and his assistant listening to Lord Haw Haw from Nazi Germany on a small console radio. Anyone recognize it?

Brigadier General Frank Savage is played by Gregory Peck, his second-in-command by Hugh Marlowe, and Robert Patten and Dean Jagger also star.

If you can ID this radio model, please comment!

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14 thoughts on “Can you ID this radio in Twelve O’Clock High–?

  1. Dan Robinson

    Yeah the radio at the left. There’s still another one in the movie, and I’ve sent a photo into Tom.

  2. Ron

    If you go to the movie on Youtube, at the 15:07 mark, and go to full screen, you can get a much better picture. Title… TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH” Movie (1949) Starting: Gregory Peck & Hugh Marlowe

  3. Julian Stargardt

    One iof my favourite films…

    The item on the left hand side has more than a passing similarity to a 1947 Trav-ler Radio 5208-A 3 Way Power Portable
    One is for sale on ebay at item number 175911887518
    I tried to copy and paste the weblink but it came out extremely long

    The item on the desk does look like the Thomas Collectors Edition radio Paul links to, it also looks like some of the early post-war Pye radios.
    Pye was an early Cambridge, England electronics company.

    Speaking of radios in film
    By the way the handheld two way radios in Battle Star Galactica as used by Commander Adama et al are Motorola, for a few frames in one episode one can see the Motorola ‘M’ logo and the ‘Motorola’ brand name – somewhere I have a screenshot of that.

    1. Bill Hemphill

      I have to admit I totally missed he radio to the left. Which I’m sure is what the Dan was referring to. I have no idea what radio that is. But at least we now know the model of the intercom on the desk.

      Bill WD9EQD
      Smithville, NJ

  4. Phil Marshall

    I’m not sure, because it is hard to see the face, but I’m going with a 1939 Westinghouse 555. Just a dartboard guess because it is hard to see.


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