Carlos’ Reception of NOAA Forecast via USCG Radio Station in Chesapeake

Photo: US Coast Guard

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who shares the following video/recording and notes:

Hey Thomas, [Check out] how well the USCG signal arrives from Chesapeak in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It’s a NOAA Pacific NE forecast.

I made this video at 06h36 (09h36 UTC):

[Here is an audio ifile so you can get an idea of the quality of the reception:

That is amazing reception in Brazil, Carlos! Thank you for sharing this! I must say, you really give your XHDATA D-808 a workout! It’s a proper little DX machine!

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2 thoughts on “Carlos’ Reception of NOAA Forecast via USCG Radio Station in Chesapeake

  1. Chuck Rippel

    Nice, indeed. I did 3-1/2 tours at NMN, NMF, NMA and NMG with brief stays at NMR and NME during my time in the USCG. FYI, the transmitting facility is in Pungo, VA (S. VA Beach, VA). I don’t know if the operator chose a directional antenna; we had a number of them including a monster FLPA (Fixed Log Periodic) at 020 to serve the area off Greenland, specifically for the ice patrol along with a rotatable LPA. We had several types on Omni tx antennas including a couple of TCI-530’s that were installed when I was aboard. During my first 2 tours, the transmitters were Collins HF-80’s and there were 32 of them which allowed for PM’s and the odd failure. RX sites all use Harris R2368’s, the military version of the RF-590A. I had a chance to connect our Perseus test RX to a 3-30 fixed LPA that is on 180. Hello South America!


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