“The Intercept Watch”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Meara who writes:

Thomas: I found this in an old radio magazine. SWLPost is on The Intercept Watch!

Radio. July 1934


73 Bill

How cool! Thank you for sharing, Bill!

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4 thoughts on ““The Intercept Watch”

  1. Steve Searl

    Yes I tried to send in my order for the air conditioner bed but could find no website. Well I will try again tomorrow.

  2. Bob Colegrove

    World Radio History is a fantastic site. One can easily get lost in its archives. I have found it useful source for data on old radios.

  3. Ron

    At 66, I look back at an earlier time of my childhood with fondness of a simpler time. I love looking at videos showing pictures or videos of that era.
    Going to junk shops, flea markets in the Ozark mountains give me a sense of wonder looking at items from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s.
    I remember magazines showing ads for radios and other electronics, and don’t so much I wish I had all of the radios of that time, but had started collecting the magazines, and sale brochures, catalogs etc. Just to be able to remember that time period.
    I may start hitting various sites to search for electronic catalogs, articles etc, just for the nostalgia, and to keep a bit of history intact for those of a future time who may have an interest.


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