London Calling: Joe Strummer’s Shortwave Influence

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bob Butterfield, who writes:

London Calling by The Clash

Readers may be interested in the shortwave influence and story behind the creation of the song “London Calling” written by Joe Strummer of the band The Clash from the 1979 double album of the same name. It is produced and narrated by the excellent YouTube creator The Professor of Rock..

Here’s the video on YouTube:

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2 thoughts on “London Calling: Joe Strummer’s Shortwave Influence

  1. Rob W4ZNG

    Wonderful video, just watched it last night. Strummer was definitely a news junkie, and he reportedly took a shortwave receiver everywhere on tour. Seeing The Clash play in 1982 was a highlight of that year. As mentioned in the documentary, in the late 90’s he had a music show on the BBC. It’s archived at various sites around the net, and worth the search and download.

    Finally on a related note, I have to point out my QSL card’s front is based on the album cover. Click through on the website link to see it in a blog post from a few years back.


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