Why Schenectady?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Meara who writes:


SWLing Post readers might like this one.

Ramakrishnan sent me the Smithsonian article. It is very nice, and helps answer — I think — the question about why so many old SW radio dials have “Schenectady” on them. Steinmetz seems like a great guy.


73 Bill

I love these bits of radio history, Bill! Thank you for sharing.

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2 thoughts on “Why Schenectady?

  1. jack dully

    Great Article On A Great Man.I must have missed it but WHY IS Schenectady on old radio dials ? Thanks I particularly liked the part about Henry Ford,paying up

  2. BobL

    Great articles and pictures!

    I grew up about 90 miles from Schenectady and as a young SWL starting in 1959 didn’t yet understand skip distance, etc. i was very disappointed that only occasionally did they have a readable signal on 15330 kHz and I don’t ever recall receiving 9530kHz . I believe they also used 17830 kHz to Europe. They (along with WBOU and WDSI) went off the air very unceremoniously when Greenville came on line!


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