Office of Cuba Broadcasting programming targeting Ukraine via shortwave

One of the 19 curtain antennas on the campus of the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Site (Click to enlarge)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Macon Dail, Transmitter Plant Supervisor at the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station in Greenville, North Carolina, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

Greenville has recently begun shortwave broadcast to Ukraine to support Cubans in that country. We are broadcasting four hours daily in Spanish with programming supplied by the OCB. We are on 17680 KHz, 1700-2100 UTC MO-FR and 17865 KHz, 1300-1700 UTC SA-SU.

UPDATE: Due to a conflict with NHK on the new summer schedule, our 17680 KHz frequency has been changed to 17690 KHz to provide a clear frequency

Thank yo for the update, Macon! Great to hear that the Greenville site is beaming into Europe again!

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7 thoughts on “Office of Cuba Broadcasting programming targeting Ukraine via shortwave

  1. Wolfgang

    Tonight – 2024-04-03 – on 17690 kHz instead of 17680 kHz, very well heard here in Austria. I just wonder why we have USAGM broadcasts on SW in Spanish for Cubans in Russia & Ukraine but no Russian broadcasts to Russia, especially to those regions from where the recruits for the war are recruited.

    73 Wolfgang

  2. Richard Langley

    There has been lots of discussion about this new service on Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio io group. The broadcasts are directed at Cubans fighting for Putin. Here is one of my WoR postings:

    On 16 February, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “How Russia Recruits Soldiers From Cuba to Fight in Ukraine; Eager to escape Communist island’s poverty, Cubans are joining Russian army.” In that article, we find:

    “Ambassador Ruslan Spirin, Ukraine’s special representative to Latin America and the Caribbean, said the government believes that about 400 Cubans are fighting in the country. ‘We take it seriously,’ he said.
    “Others think the numbers go higher. Maryan Zablotskyi, a member of the Ukrainian parliament who has studied the issue, estimates that between 1,500 and 3,000 Cubans have enlisted as the island’s state-controlled economy crumbles .”

    The whole article is quite interesting but is behind a paywall unless you have a WSJ subscription or access through a university library, etc.

  3. Mark Pascoe

    Considering it’s the “Edward R.Murrow” transmitting station, you would like to think they are not supporting Putin. However Russia is currently running a soldier recruiting campaign in Cuba as we speak.

    1. Vicent Mira

      Buenas tardes, quisiera hacer un pequeño apunte, la frecuencia de emisión de lunes a viernes es 17.690. Gracias

  4. Steve

    I’m confused. Are the Cubans in the Ukraine just immigrants? Are they supporting the freedom of the Ukraine or siding with Putin? It makes a huge difference. We should not be broadcasting if it’s Russian propaganda. Are the Cubans filing for Russia? What is being broadcasted?

    1. Fabrizio

      La liberté d’expression, il faut en tenir compte aussi. C’est toujours intéressant d’entendre toutes les parties, leurs argumentations même si l’on est de l’autre côté. Perso j’écoute aussi RCI ce n’est pas pour autant que je soutiens leur gouvernement. Un peu d’ouverture d’esprit fait aussi du bien 😉


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