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DX Podcast returns

Analog Radio DialColin Newell from DXer.ca has just announced the return of the DX Podcast:

The DXer.ca site has been on the air for over 20 years now! And we are now pleased to announce… the return of the DX Podcast! We ran this little show way back in 2008 and it never got a lot of traction – we are starting small and with our first episode, a conversation with Ian McFarland of Radio Canada International – recorded New Years Eve – December 31st, 2015! Enjoy.

Click here to listen to the podcast on DXer.ca.

I plan to help Colin with the new podcast and wish him the very best producing this new show!

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Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale: the perfect “tuning oil”


Many thanks to Colin Newell over at DXer.ca for apprising me of a new (retro) craft brew called “Short Wave.” Colin took the above photo last week featuring the venerable Grundig YB400PE and a can of Short Wave pale ale. What a combo!

Phillips-Shortwave-Beer2Phillips Brewing Company describes Short Wave Ale on their website:

“Short Wave is a brand new pale ale where a medium malt body is electrified with a healthy dose of bright American hops until sweetness and bitterness are dialed to balance. Both of these pocket-sized cans are packing a full-flavoured punch, making them the perfect partner for wherever your next adventure may take you!”

Perhaps the perfect “tuning oil” for your next Canadian DXpedition?

Shortly after Colin posted this message, I received a note from SWLing Post reader, Bill (KD5XN) who passed along this news item about the new brew.

Those of you who live in British Columbia, Canada, are in luck: Short Wave pale ale is brewed in Victoria, BC. If you live in northwest Washington state, I think it may be worth making the pilgrimage across the border for this brew! Short Wave ale aside, BC is a remarkably beautiful province.

But wherever you live or travel, cheers, SWLers~!

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DXer.ca: Down but not out

DXerDotCaMany of you might have noticed that the popular Canadian DX website, DXer.ca, has been offline for a few days.

The server where DXer.ca is hosted has been under a persistent “denial of service” attack (much like we experienced last year) which has forced a move to a different web host.

I’ve been in touch with Colin Newell, editor and creator of DXer.ca, and he’s hopeful he’ll have DXer.ca back online within a few days or (worse-case) few weeks.

We’ll make an announcement when DXer.ca is live again!  Good luck, Colin!

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