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Portable digital receivers that don’t mute between frequency steps?

The Grundig G5 and G3: two prime examples

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ken Keese (K5KGK), who writes:

Hello Thomas! Thanks for all the GREAT info you post for us! It is tremendously helpful.

Do you have a list of shortwave receivers that do not mute the audio when the tuning knob is turned? This is a really important feature for me in my decision to purchase a radio. I like to manually search frequencies for activity and it’s difficult if the radio is muted while I turn the “big knob”.

Thanks a bunch for your help.
Ken Keese

Thank you for your question, Ken–it’s a very good one. Many late-model DSP portables do indeed mute between frequency changes.

Early in my SWLing career, I couldn’t afford high end receivers, so all of my digital portables (the RadioShack DX-440, and Grundig YB400 most notably) would make a “chugging” sound as one would tune.

I also remember how pleased I was with the Grundig G5’s fluid tuning when it was first introduced! The Tecsun PL-600, PL-660, and PL-680 were all models that had no nuting between frequency steps.

Many higher-end modern DSP portables like the PL-880, PL-990/x, H-501/x also provide an analog-like band scanning experience.

A little help, please?

I would like to turn this question over to our readers because I believe their input will be more valuable and more comprehensive. Well, that and Ken if you wait on my to write up a full list, you might not get a reply for months with my current schedule. 🙂

SWLing Post readers: Please comment with digital display portable models you can confirm have no muting between frequency steps! Thank you.

Oh, and Ken? Thank you for the kind comments about the SWLing Post!

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