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Mario snags a Memorex TrackTec Scannocular!

Photo source: Universal Radio

Photo source: Universal Radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who recently wrote an article for the excellent Radio World magazine. His topic?  The Memorex TrackTec Scannocular! Mario writes:

Ever heard of a Scannocular?  Universal Radio used to sell ’em, they were for race fans, basically a scanner with surgically attached binoculars:


“I’ve always had a penchant for the weird, the off-beat, the non-mainstream. In high school I felt most at home with fellows who were ostracized by the general student populus, who acted and thought differently, had the intestinal fortitude to walk the road less traveled and were genuinely interesting individuals.

The same affinity goes for electronic devices; the weird stuff interests me. That’s why I recently acquired a Memorex Scannocular from an eBay auction.”[…]

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Mario, I must say that I had never heard of the Scannocular–what an intriguing piece of kit! It sounds like a decent performer (especially for $26!). I’m surprised it actually has a proper BNC connector for an external antenna.

I just searched eBay, but had no luck finding a set of Scannoculars. Perhaps there’s been an increase in popularity–other members of the “bohemian brigade” who decided the Scannocular is the only item they’ll need to stand out among other race fans!

I always enjoy your articles and reviews, Mario! Thanks for sharing!

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