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Building the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

Ozark-Patrol-In-ProgressLast week, I received the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit that I had only ordered a few days prior. I was so eager to get started on the build, that I read the instructions, lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and began placing the parts on the board within an hour of bringing the package home from the post office!

This was my first time building a “Pittsburg” type kit, where through hole components are surface-mounted on soldering pads. It’s a brilliant technique which is very forgiving if the kit builder accidentally mounts the wrong part or mounts a component with the incorrect orientation.

I had hoped to have the kit finished the following day, but other priorities took precedence: I’ve been preparing for my presentation tomorrow at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, preparing a shortwave radio buyer’s guide for the November issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine, and putting together the results of the Virtual Radio Challenge II (which will be published early next week). Fortunately, I love doing this stuff in my spare time!

I’m eager to pick the Ozark back up early next week and finish the build. It’s become somewhat of a dangling carrot–a reward for finishing other projects in advance. I can’t wait to hear this simple regen receiver come to life!

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The Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

k0awb_ozarkpatrol 3small

Just learned that David Cripe (NM0S) has a new kit for sale: the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit.

The Ozark Patrol is a simple, straightforward kit, designed with beginners in mind. The kit uses through-hole components, which is to say, mounted on pads etched on the opposite side.  All of the component values and reference numbers are silk-screened on the board to indicate each part’s location, making for truly quick and fool-proof assembly.

What’s more, Dave is a talented kit designer; he’s the brains behind the kit for our successful ETOW HumanaLight (originally conceived by engineer Greg Majewski). He’s not only clever like that, he’s also a great pal.

In the past, when Dave has announced new radio kits for sale, he’s sold out within a few days. That’s why I ordered mine the moment I saw the announcement.

And, hey…not only does just $40 plus shipping ($46 in the US) get you a superb regen receiver kit, but proceeds also support the Four State QRP Group. Win-win, in my book.

Here are a few specifications and design features listed on the Four State QRP Group’s website:

  • Frequency Range: 3.5-15 MHz in two bands
  • Sensitivity: Yes!
  • Power Supply: 6 x AA batteries
  • Audio Output: A 2.6” speaker is included, as well as a jack for 1/8” stereo headphones

Want one, too? Click here to order your own Ozark Patrol kit…and enjoy tinkering as well as listening!

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