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Passport to Word Band Radio® reports they are “in limbo”

Larry Magne, the publisher of Passort To World Band Radio, has reported that the 26th edition of their popular shortwave radio guide may not go to print. From their website:

As with any good recipe, a range of ingredients has to come together if a reference book is to succeed. Solid content is, of course, essential. But in recent months other considerations have had an increased bearing on the future of Passport to World Band Radio®.

So it is that the 26th Edition of Passport to World Band Radio® is being held in limbo. Despite this, for now we are continuing to maintain the WorldScan® database and uphold all proprietary material. Among other things, this should help allow for an orderly return to production, under IBS’ aegis or otherwise, should conditions allow.

For Passport® readers and our small team, alike, this is a seminal moment. After all, Passport to World Band Radio® goes back a quarter century and has had something like a million readers worldwide. But the future has its own rhythm that confounds prognostication. There may yet be more chapters to this story. Stay tuned.

This is sad news for the shortwave listening community. I have been a fan of this fine publication since the 1980’s and always have a copy handy on my radio shelf. There are other notable radio guides out there, but none so easy to use and so perfectly tailored for the newcomer to the hobby.

Read their original post and many listener comments here.

Update 28 Nov 2009: Please see new post–PTWBR No Longer in Print.

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