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Silicon Labs Si4734 DSP-based shortwave radios

The Silicon Labs Si4734/35

I have gone through our Shortwave Radio Index (SWRI) and tagged every portable radio that is based on the Silicon Labs Si4734 DSP chipset.

The Si4734 has been one of the biggest innovations to happen to portable receivers in recent years. When implemented well into a receiver design, the Si4734 can give a small portable exceptional selectivity and sensitivty through the power of DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

Simply click on this link to see a list of portable shortwave radios that are designed around the Silicon Labs Si4734:

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Our New Shortwave Radio Index

The Shortwave Radio Index contains over one hundred shortwave radios currently in production.

We’re delighted to announce a new website in the SWLing.com family: The Shortwave Radio Index (SWRI).

The SWRI is a comprehensive database featuring all known shortwave radios available on the market today. Each post contains a photo of the receiver, links to retailers, links to reviews, specifications, and a brief summary of the featured radio’s capabilities. What’s more, each radio is tagged and categorized so that it is easy to find and compare to similar models.

Keep in mind, the SWRI is a work in progress; as new models appear on the market, we will be adding them.  If you become aware of a review or retailer not included in our database, please contact us to share this information.

Happy browsing!

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