CCrane’s latest shortwave radio: The CC Skywave, to ship in January

This image of the CC Skywave, clipped from the CCrane online catalog

This image of the CC Skywave, clipped from the CCrane online catalog

I just received my paper copy of the C.Crane catalog in the mail and noticed an announcement for their latest shortwave portable, the CC Skywave.

Here is the catalog description:

“The Skywave is the ultimate travel radio with great AM/ FM, Shortwave, Aviation and Weather. Performance is excellent and it is small and easy to use.

Stuck at the airport and nobody will tell you why? How about using a radio to tune into the control tower or the ground crew? If you are a bit paranoid it is good to know that nobody can track your radio listening!

Using a smart phone in another country is very expensive. With this radio you will learn more about the country you are in and the wonderful programs they have to offer.”

I hope to get a radio for review as soon as production units begin to ship in January. I’m always looking for the ultimate travel radio.

Update: Click here to read a full review of the CC Skywave.

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