All India Radio on DRM track

As we’ve mentioned before, it appears AIR (All India Radio) may soon be a leader in digital radio in all forms, including shortwave. This, from the Deccan Herald:

The government plans to launch a 24-hour news broadcast channel of All India Radio (AIR) as part of its sweeping modernisation programme in the next five years.

AIR will also witness a complete digitisation of its studios, transmissions and connectivity across the country by 2017 according to plans by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. With a view to improving efficiency and broadcast quality, the government will replace old and obsolete equipment besides enhancing AIR’s infrastructure by refurbishing its studios.

[…]While the reach of the national channel is proposed to be extended to the whole of the country, the external services of the AIR will also be strengthened through digitalisation of shortwave transmitters.

Read the full article at the Deccan Herald. Thanks to @kaedotcom (Kim Elliot) for the tip!


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