The Degen DE32 combines analog styling with MP3 features

The Degen DE32

I just ordered the Degen DE32–a new addition to the Degen shortwave product line. The DE32 is unique in that it has a (nearly retro) analog radio dial for tuning across the FM/AM/Shortwave bands, yet features MP3 playback.

Details are a bit scarce, but I have to assume that this is an analog radio as I see no mention of DSP in the description. (Though building on the DE321’s DSP chip could make sense.) It appears that MP3 recordings can be played back from an SD card and/or potentially from internal memory. Since there’s no digital display, sorting through recordings will be similar to using the iPod shuffle.

At $27 US shipped from Hong Kong, it’s certainly affordable, and my expectations will be adjusted accordingly. Still, I’m eager to see what this little radio has to offer. Check back as I will publish a review soon–simply follow the tag: DE32.

Thanks, Michael, for bringing this little radio to my attention!

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4 thoughts on “The Degen DE32 combines analog styling with MP3 features

  1. Steve Ponder

    My DE32 came in the mail today. According to the foil decal on the bottom left front of the speaker, it is a DSP radio. Also, it was advertised by the seller on eBay (bigbargainonline) as such. The radio uses a rechargeable 3.7 V 800 mAh Li-ion battery and comes with a standard USB-A to Micro-B charging cable. It also comes with stereo in-the-ear earphones. The manual is in Chinese. According to the dimensions in the manual, the radio is 110 x 62 x 23 mm in size. The antenna extends straight out of the top of the radio and does not swivel. The tuning knob is a thumbwheel that is accessible from either the top of the radio or from the right side of the radio. The on/off switch is a three-position slide switch (OFF/MP3/RADIO). The sound is not as pleasant as the DE 321. Also, I noticed that the FM signal strength dropped significantly when I placed the DE 32 on the table by itself. When I picked the radio back up, the signal strength picked back up – and this was on a local station. I have not tested the MP3 playback yet.

  2. Kevin Davidson

    Yes, it has a light. It is on when charging and then brighter when you push the button on the side.

    It uses a micro SD card and you can play music files from it.

    I took just a minute to compare it with the Degen 321. Performance is similar, but the 32 is much lighter, and feels less substantial. The 32 speaker plays loud, but is a bit tinnier to my ear than the 321.


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