Saturday Night Country takes you ‘down under’ for the holidays

Felicity Urquhart, host of ABC's Saturday Night Country. (photo: ABC)

Felicity Urquhart, host of ABC’s Saturday Night Country. (photo: ABC)

If you’ve been reading the SWLing Post for long, you’ll know how much I love ABC’s Saturday Night Country, which I tune to every Saturday morning starting on 9,580 kHz.

Yesterday, host Felicity Urquhart produced another great mix of interviews and music, including some uniquely Australian Country Christmas songs.

You can download the recordings of the show as MP3s by clicking here for the first hour of Saturday Night Country on 9,580 kHz and here for the rest of the show on 11,945 kHz, or by simply listening via the embedded player below:

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Country takes you ‘down under’ for the holidays

  1. mike harlan

    The Australian SW broadcast of Saturday Night Country at 9580 khz actually made it to Houston,Texas one saturday am about 7am. Now thats a signal!LOL

  2. Steve Rawdon

    Hi from NZ … After many years I have returned to short wave listening… Despite the internet shortwave is still a great medium … The newsletters here are great.. Keep up the good work.
    Merry Xmas
    New Zealand


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