Pirate Radio Recordings: X-FM

"Turn up the radio, I hear Stereophonics!"

“Turn up the radio Jim, I think I hear Stereophonics!”

For your listening pleasure: three hours of the pirate radio station X-FM.

This broadcast was recorded this morning, starting around 2:00 UTC, on 6,950 kHz AM. X-FM can even be received in C-Quam stereo–something I have yet to try.

This is a 10 year anniversary broadcast of X-FM and has an excellent mix of music (everything from Indie rock to trance) and Redhat’s live commentary. Superb signal strength, too.

You can download the recording of X-FM by clicking here, or simply listen via the embedded player below (note that I included X-FM’s full seven minute interval signal/leader):

Standard Pirate Radio Disclaimer: Though X-FM is quite a professional pirate (is there such a thing?), this is a recording of a real pirate radio broadcast, and as such, may include colorful language. In general, if you are easily offended by the words, ideas, music lyrics, or music herein, you should slowly…back… away…

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One thought on “Pirate Radio Recordings: X-FM

  1. Sean McHenry

    Can’t confirm nor deny the C_Quam thing but, hearing the last bits of X-FM here in Columbus with a decent signal. S9+10 deep rolling QSB. Playing Tool, Dispoaition from the Lateralus album as the signoff. Freq is 6.88MHz at 2:20 am local, June 19, 2016. (That’s 06:20 UTC according to my cell phone)

    I didn’t hear much of the program but the last words from the shoew before dropping power was a tag talking about broadcasting in C-Quam Stereo. Transmitter went down at 06:22 UTC.

    Listening conditions here, 43′ Horizontal wire @ 20 ft AGL, Yaesu FT-990 transceiver.

    Sean, Columbus, Ohio


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