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AFRTSMany shortwave listeners are familiar with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS); we’ve mentioned them before and the wide variety of programming they offer via several transmission sites.

I recently discovered the AFRTS Archive, an excellent blog that posts archived audio and memories from the AFRTS. The AFRTS Archive is actively updated and chock-full of nostalgia.

It’s Memorial Day here in the States and found this a fitting time to dig through the AFRTS Archive.

Of course, you can still listen to the AFRTS on shortwave–here are the frequencies:

AFN/AFRTS Shortwave Frequencies (note: all broadcasts are in USB)

  • Diego Garcia:
    • 12,579 kHz daytime
    • 4,319 kHz nighttime
  • Guam:
    • 13,362 kHz daytime
    • 5,765 kHz nighttime
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13 thoughts on “Check out the AFRTS Archive

  1. Larry Thompson

    Don’t remember Nightwatch – who was the host? Looking for a piece by Casey Kasem – “First Christmas”… do you recall?

  2. Melinda Lemmon

    Looking for a wonderful program aired in the 70s on Armed Forces Radio Network in Japan, called Nightwatch. It was a joy and comfort. The announcer was a genious. Would love to hear it again and to know his name. He was replaced along the way, I believe.

  3. Farhad Mahini

    I used to listen to AFRTS in Tehran during the 60s, which shaped my passion for american country music as a kid of 16 yr old. Love to hear a few minutes of the original program with the voice of the commentator( forgotten the name ) now. Wonder if such archive exists ???!!!

  4. george guerrette

    In early 1971 I was stationed in Germany. I heard a radio broadcast of American astronauts going back in time and witnessing the crucifixtion of Christ and then returning to the present day and reporting the event to NASA. Does anyone recall this radio presentation?

  5. Tom Park

    Sorry to say, AFN Guam’s shortwave frequency is also permenately off the air. Their last Shortwave station in Diego Garcia will come down in 2016. Like Bob said enjoy it while you can.

  6. Kred

    Bob, I think you are powerful. I agree that the Armed Forces Radio Channel should continue/start broadcast on “unconventional” channels. We aren’t conventional. we deserve more. When we settle for less – that’s what we will get.

    1. Bob Zimmerman

      I think the AFN Guam Shortwave Station has been taken down just like the Florida one. It appears Diego Garcia is the last one left. Enjoy it while you can, as I last heard once this is down it is over for us DX’ers.


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