New product: the ShouYu SY-X5 shortwave radio

The ShouYu SY-X5

The ShouYu SY-X5

[Update: Check out our review of the SY-X5 by clicking here.]

Thanks to Paul, I just found out about the ShouYu SY-X5: a new analog DSP-based shortwave radio with built-in MP3 player. Like the Degen DE321DE32Kchibo KK-9803 and the recently released Tecsun R-2010D, the SY-X5 has a mechanical tuning mechanism powered by a Silicon Labs DSP chip.

I just purchased the ShouYu SY-X5 from this seller on eBay. The total cost was $27 US including shipping from Hong Kong. There are other sellers offering the SY-X5 on eBay, but their prices are almost double (with shipping from the US).

At a low price of $27 US, my expectations will be adjusted accordingly. My hopes are somewhat higher for the Tecsun R-2010D as Tecsun tends to do a better implementation of DSP chips than their competitors. Since I’ll be receiving both units within days of each other–and I still have the DE321 and DE32–I will certainly compare them.

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