Radio Australia transmitting digital radiograms this weekend, June 8 – 9


Most encouraging to see Radio Australia sending digital text over shortwave. Their 12:30 UTC broadcast should be easily heard in North America on 9,850 kHz:

(Source: VOA Radiograms)

Radio Australia will transmit digital text and an image during three special broadcasts the weekend of 8 and 9 June 2013.

The seven-minute broadcasts will consist of…

MFSK16 text
MFSK32 text
MFSK32 in Flmsg* format (creates Radio Australia logo in browser window)
MFSK32 image (ABC logo)

*Fldigi and Flmsg from must be used together. In Fldigi, click Configure > Misc > NBEMS: Under Reception of flmsg files, check both boxes, and under that indicate where your Flmsg program file is located.

Transmission schedule

All dates/times are in UTC, all frequencies in kHz

Saturday/Sunday 8/9 June 2013

Nominal target areas are listed. Reception beyond these target areas is likely.

0850-0857 UTC

  •  7410 kHz (PNG & south-west Pacific)  
  • 11945 kHz (south Pacific, NZ, central America, Europe)

1230-1237 UTC

  •  6080 kHz (PNG, west Pacific, Philippines, Japan)
  •  9580 kHz (central Pacific, NAM)  
  • 12065 kHz (central Pacific, NAM)

2150-2157 UT C

  • 11695 kHz (south-east Asia, Europe) 
  • 21740 kHz (central Pacific, NAm) 

Each broadcast begins with with 40 seconds of Radio Australia interval signal (Waltzing Matilda).

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