KVOH test today on 17,775 kHz

Retro Microphone(Source: KVOH)

KVOH – Voice of Hope, Los Angeles, would like to thank all those who responded to last Saturday’s test broadcast.  It was unfortunate that the time chosen for the test happened to coincide with a geomagnetic storm, but in spite of that, reports have so far been received from 13 U.S. states, as well as from Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia.

The station will be testing again tomorrow, Sunday 7th, from 1700-1900 UTC (1-3pm Eastern).  As before, the frequency is 17775 kHz, with 50 kW on a beam of 100 degrees (towards Cuba).  The same test program will be used as last week, with announcements in English and Spanish, which hopefully will be easier to copy since atmospheric conditions are better this weekend.  Reports will be very much appreciated to either [email protected] or P.O. Box 102, Los Angeles, CA 90078.  If reporting by email, please attach a short mp3 recording of your reception if possible.  If reporting by mail and requesting a QSL, please enclose return postage.  In all reports, please be sure to describe your receiver and antenna used.  Reception comparisons using handheld portable radios with telescopic antennas (outdoors) will be especially helpful.

KVOH currently expects to be able to launch a preliminary 2-hour daily schedule around the end of this month (July), and will build from there.

Ray Robinson
Los Angeles

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2 thoughts on “KVOH test today on 17,775 kHz

  1. Chuck Beyer

    Heard your broadcast, I think it was Sat. the 25th of August. Hopefully you get on the air regularly soon & continue to play the great worship music that I heard!! Over the years, I’ve grown tired of the “Contemperary Christian” music heard on most every Christian station & prefer true Praise and Worship.


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