Mike gives the Sangean PR-D15 high marks on AM

SWLing Post reader (and my good friend) Mike Kitchen writes of his new Sangean PR-D15:

The Sangean PR-D15

The Sangean PR-D15

Having had the Sangean PR-D15 radio for about 10 days, I’m developing a respect for it.

With what I’ve learned in its use, there is a simplicity in operation that many should enjoy.

The big feature for a radio that I really must insist on, is being able to plug this radio into 12V DC with a power supply plug.  And this PR-D15 has this capability.  I am using a 12 Volt DC, 12 Amp Hour battery as power supply to this radio.  Digital displays and their illumination can really eat “AA”, “C” and “D” battery power, and using a 12V Gel Cell, AGM or auto battery allows many, many hours of listening.

Th Sangean PR-D15 uses a 200MM Ferrite bar internal antenna.  So far, after about 25 hours of AM DXing alone (not including daily AM use), I’ve learned this radio can really hear!

In a few days, I’ll do some side by side reception tests with the PR-D15 alongside my CCrane CCRadio-SP twin-ferrite analog portable radio.  And then, more side by side’s with a CCRadio-2E, the Enhanced version.

Mike, I look forward to your future radio comparison with great interest! The Sangean PR-D15 sounds like a keeper.

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2 thoughts on “Mike gives the Sangean PR-D15 high marks on AM

  1. mike

    Can this radio be safely operated from my cars cigarette lighter at 12 volts dc? Car voltage can be as high as near 14 volts with engine running. Is this safe? Will it damage the radio? Thank you for your help.


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