WRMI seeks European listener reports

Radio Miami International

Radio Miami International

Radio Miami International’s General Manager, Jeff White, writes:

Dear Friends:

As you may know, WRMI has just moved its transmitter site from Miami to Okeechobee, Florida, to the old WYFR transmitter site. We are currently transmitting two hours per day from 2000-2200 UTC on 15440 kHz at 44 degrees to Europe. We would be very interested to know if the signal is making it into Europe at that hour, or if we should perhaps try to move it back a few hours. The program is The Overcomer Ministry in English.

We would also be interested in reports from Europe regarding our transmissions to Africa, which are:

0400-0800 UTC on 9355 kHz
1400-2000 UTC on 17790 kHz
and 2000-2300 UTC on 15190 kHz

The programming from 0400-0800 is The Overcomer Ministry, and the programming from 1400-2300 is Pan American Broadcasting’s Radio Africa Network.

Any observations that DXers in Europe might have about these transmissions would be most welcome, even if just some brief comments about your reception (or lack thereof).

Many thanks for your help!

Jeff White
WRMI Radio Miami International
175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4
Miami, Florida 33172 USA
E-mail: [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “WRMI seeks European listener reports

  1. Paul Barnett

    I hear a Let The Bible Speak transmission on 17790khz 1800hrs GMT Dec 14th. Strength is S8 on external loop antenna in Ireland. Do you carry that program?


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