Popular Communications: free download of November and December 2013 issues

2013_12_pc_coverMany thanks to SWLing Post reader Lynn Kelly who writes:

“Anyone, subscriber or not, can get a free copy of the November and December Popular Communications to download as a PDF on the Popular Communications site.

Lynn also mentions that many Pop Comm subscribers may not have received these two issues due to printing problems–thus you should download these while they’re still available.

Simply go to the Popular Communications website to download your copies (download by clicking on the November and December front covers).

For your convenience, here are direct links to download the November 2013 and December 2013 issues.

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5 thoughts on “Popular Communications: free download of November and December 2013 issues

  1. Steve

    This is really cool….it’s a pity that we can’t get these via download on a regular basis, as opposed through the (truly awful) Zinio viewer.

    Still, though, kudos – this is a nice gesture.

  2. Troy

    I posted a similar comment under a separate blog posting. I rcvd a gift subscription beginning January 2013 and I’ve had nothing but problems from the beginning. The issues I did receive arrived 1-2 months late. Most emails and voicemails to their NY office were unanswered. Even their fax machine was turned off. Those emails that were answered stated they had “problems with their printer”, but I was assured they had switched printing companies and the problems were in the past. After MT announced Dec 2013 would be their last issue, in Sept ’13 I foolishly renewed my PopComm subscription for 2014 and since that time I haven’t seen another issue. I’m beginning to fear their “printing problems” were printing money, not magazines. I unfortunately had to take steps with my credit card company to contest my renewal for unreceived goods & services. The company may be on shaky ground so magazine buyers beware.

  3. Tom

    I subscribed to Popular Communications via Amazon in July 2013 for a year and have yet to get what I paid for. I think I received 3 or so issues of the paper magazine and it says my subscription is still active until July 2014 but never received any news about the magazine going digital and only learned about it here first.

    If they sent me any news about what to do I never got it.

  4. Benjamin Bilyeu

    Many thanks! I had called them on two different occasions after failing to receive these issues. Both times I was promised they would be sent, but nothing ever arrived.


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