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Some answers from CQ Mag & free download of January/February issues

feb. 2012We’ve had a long-running string of comments regarding CQ Magazine and Popular Communications on a post announcing the end of Popular Communications and birth of CQ Plus.

We’ve heard no word from CQ in months and many of us assumed that perhaps they were closing down. This morning, I learned about a HamRadio Now interview with CQ editor Rich Moseson W2VU. In this one hour video, Moseson explains the late print issues, end of Pop Comm and how the publisher plans to move forward.

We also learn that CQ has made digital copies of the January and February 2014 issues available online and free of charge. Click here to download from CQ online.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube, or via the embedded player below:

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Popular Communications: free download of November and December 2013 issues

2013_12_pc_coverMany thanks to SWLing Post reader Lynn Kelly who writes:

“Anyone, subscriber or not, can get a free copy of the November and December Popular Communications to download as a PDF on the Popular Communications site.

Lynn also mentions that many Pop Comm subscribers may not have received these two issues due to printing problems–thus you should download these while they’re still available.

Simply go to the Popular Communications website to download your copies (download by clicking on the November and December front covers).

For your convenience, here are direct links to download the November 2013 and December 2013 issues.

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Pop’Comm Monitors – get your own shortwave listening post call sign

At SWLing.com, one of the most frequent email questions we’ve  received over the years is regarding the availability of call signs (station identification) for shortwave monitoring stations.  Until today, I’ve had to tell these inquiring folks that there was no known organization managing such a program. Some people have even suggested that SWLing.com begin one, but this sort of program needs to be organized, maintained, and curated–no small task, and one which is frankly outside our scope at SWLing.

I’m delighted to report that Popular Communications Magazine has stepped up to the plate and is now steward of just such a radio monitoring  program, to be known as Pop’Comm Monitors.

So, Pop Comm is granting shortwave listening post call signs. What’s more,  you can request–much like amateur radio’s vanity callsign system–the 3 letter suffix of your choice.

What is the utility of a SWL callsign?  I think fellow radio listener and operator, John Harper sums it up quite well on his site.  In my view, it’s just one more way to conveniently connect and engage radio hobbyists across the globe.

Click here to go to the dedicated website for Pop’Comm Monitors, and sign up! There is no cost for joining the program.

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