Some answers from CQ Mag & free download of January/February issues

feb. 2012We’ve had a long-running string of comments regarding CQ Magazine and Popular Communications on a post announcing the end of Popular Communications and birth of CQ Plus.

We’ve heard no word from CQ in months and many of us assumed that perhaps they were closing down. This morning, I learned about a HamRadio Now interview with CQ editor Rich Moseson W2VU. In this one hour video, Moseson explains the late print issues, end of Pop Comm and how the publisher plans to move forward.

We also learn that CQ has made digital copies of the January and February 2014 issues available online and free of charge. Click here to download from CQ online.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube, or via the embedded player below:

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2 thoughts on “Some answers from CQ Mag & free download of January/February issues

  1. Duffy Beischel

    That video interview was more of a puff piece than getting any real answers. For example, what exactly are these “production problems?” The printer have a strike or did the presses break down? Or is CQ having financial issues and unable to pay the printer? There were no answers and CQ still has not come clean as to the REAL issues. Hams can be very forgiving and actually support you if you are in trouble, but they want to know the truth and we have all never been given the truth. I am a subscriber and have two years remaining. I like the magazine and want it to succeed. But I also want the truth and accurate information on the situation there and disappointed we are not be giving the truth on the situation.

  2. Troy Riedel

    Too little, too late as far as I’m concerned. I heard & rcvd emailed excuses almost a year ago when the problems started – then I heard nothing for months and months re: Pop Comm. You lost my trust hence you lost me and what’s more important to you – you lost my money. C’est la vie. I hope you trimmed the fat.


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