Dan’s digital archive of QSL Cards

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Greenall, who writes:

Hi Thomas

In addition to digitizing many of my old SW and BCB audio files, I have begun setting up some of my QSL galleries on the internet archive in order to help preserve radio history. I am sending along a few links that perhaps old timers and newcomers alike might find of interest.

SWBC stations (sorry, only scanned one side so far)


Utility stations


Time signal stations


BCB stations (mostly my own except for a few very old historic ones that I bought from eBay)


Small Sample from Dan’s QSL Collection:

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9 thoughts on “Dan’s digital archive of QSL Cards

  1. Tim Marecki

    Hi Dan, Very impressive collection! I’ve never done any BCB DX’ing, so these were quite unusual! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Don Elliot

      CFOS was the only visible card when I opened it up. The rest is a type up charted list of contacts like a log. What am I doing wrong?

      1. Dan Greenall

        Hi Don, You can click the small arrow to the left or right of the CFOS image to bring up the next one. Also you can go into where it says JPEG files and you will find all of them listed. Thanks!

  2. Steve Canning

    My daughter has here grandfathers collection of QSL cards from his radio days back in the 1980’s.

    Would there be any interest in making them more widely viewable through something like this archive ?

    Regards, Steve.


    Hi Dan
    An impressive collection. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
    As a former Merchant Marine R/O in the 80s some of the cards brought fond memories.
    In those days despite having at my disposal very good receivers and usually listened to utilities
    never sent any QSL request. Pity.
    Now I am retired and with enough time to pursue the hobby but unfortunatelly almost all the
    utes are gone.
    Last February I paid a visit to KPH (both, Bolinas and Point Reyes, CA. USA) and that is a tour
    everyone of us ough to do. Somehow it was a sort of closure to a 20 years career at sea.

    My best regards.
    Waldo / CX2AD – Montevideo (Uruguay)


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