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Please Cast Your Vote for “Call Signs”–!

Dear SWLing Post readers:

I have a favor to ask. You might remember our friend Wlod (US7IGN) has not only written a book about living in Kiev during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but was also the subject of an amazing, award-winning audio documentary by Cicely Fell.

Both Wlod and Cicely are dear friends and it’s been my honor to have played a small part in the making of this documentary and, more importantly, introducing these two amazing people to each other. 

“Call Signs” has been nominated for another award and the public–no matter where you live in the world–is allowed to vote. Voting requires no login and is very easy to do. The login form is in French, but Cicely explains how to vote below. 

It would be meaningful to me if you took a moment to register your vote today.

Thank you! –Thomas

Cicely writes:

Dear Thomas,

I’m so happy that ‘Call Signs’ – the documentary that you were so instrumental in making happen! – is nominated for this year’s Phonurgia Nova Awards (International Contest of Radiophonic Creation, taking place in Paris in early November). You can read more about the contest here.

It’s so wonderful that Wlod’s story has captured people’s imagination and is being recognised in this way. In addition to the prizes awarded by the jury, there is an audience award, where the public gets to vote for their favourite piece.

To vote for ‘Call Signs’:

1. Go to:

2. Scroll down to 5 – Archives de la Parole

Select: Cicely Fell, Call Signs – Falling Tree (see below)

3. Then (as it’s in French!) click on the button “Terminé” to submit. (You don’t need to create a surveymonkey account to submit your vote).

Important: Deadline for voting is October 31st. Please vote today!

Here’s a link to the documentary on Phonurgia Nova’s Soundcloud:

Again, readers, thank you so much for your vote! 

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Pop’Comm Monitors – get your own shortwave listening post call sign

At SWLing.com, one of the most frequent email questions we’ve  received over the years is regarding the availability of call signs (station identification) for shortwave monitoring stations.  Until today, I’ve had to tell these inquiring folks that there was no known organization managing such a program. Some people have even suggested that SWLing.com begin one, but this sort of program needs to be organized, maintained, and curated–no small task, and one which is frankly outside our scope at SWLing.

I’m delighted to report that Popular Communications Magazine has stepped up to the plate and is now steward of just such a radio monitoring  program, to be known as Pop’Comm Monitors.

So, Pop Comm is granting shortwave listening post call signs. What’s more,  you can request–much like amateur radio’s vanity callsign system–the 3 letter suffix of your choice.

What is the utility of a SWL callsign?  I think fellow radio listener and operator, John Harper sums it up quite well on his site.  In my view, it’s just one more way to conveniently connect and engage radio hobbyists across the globe.

Click here to go to the dedicated website for Pop’Comm Monitors, and sign up! There is no cost for joining the program.

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