Air Force plans to decommission HAARP


HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska is now slated to be decommissioned as the US Air Force plans to “initiate divestiture in June 2014,” according to a USAF representative in this KTOO article.

HAARP was officially shut down in early May 2013–during a contractor “regime change“–but one of HAARP’s clients, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), continued to use the facility for their research into 2014.

Unless someone steps up to pay HAARP’s expenses, the facility will be shut down.

Incidentally, HAARP has been the source of much speculation and conspiracy. A simple Google search for “HAARP” will reveal a number of theories.

Click here to read the full news article about the HAARP closure on KTOO.

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3 thoughts on “Air Force plans to decommission HAARP

  1. Jon Jacoby

    University students were recruited to conduct DARPA research involving heating aquafers. From Nov 2013- April 4 2014 they focused microwaves on aquafers all along the western North American continent tectonic zone aquifers. One target was Mt Shasta. The north peak Shastina holds an immense aquafer, cavern and geode complex. These intellects recruited me to remote view for them to stop the “infernal machine” from deresolving their holographic projection systems converting their images into slimy black goo. At 4:14am on 4/4/14 we feedback the output of the tuner. The operator was induced to sneeze, spilling coffee on it and the whole station oscillated at 0.1hz. Happily the beam centered the mono pole at the earth core which lovingly accepted the information with thanks. Frightened and panicked they evacuated as the unsettling breathing continued and still does. No one is hurt no damage just unsettling feeling of slow regular motion. My prep took two weeks and rehearsals with all the affected collectives in the western hemisphere resulted in an effective mission. I was retaliated against and drones attacked me with scalar weapons disabling my 5D consciousness on 5:15pm 12/15/15 leaving a hole in my head at the hair line of my right forehead. this persisted until Feb 29 2020 when the lesion on my fore head suddenly/ painfully closed as I was experiencing Corona virus symptoms.

  2. Larry

    And to think, all this time it was labeled a University experiment… hahaha, truth always finds a way out.


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