Remembering Bill Bergadano

BillThe shortwave radio community lost a friend last week: Bill Bergadano (KA2EMZ).

I never got to know Bill personally, but I knew of him and we had many mutual friends.

Fred Waterer, my friend and fellow writer at The Spectrum Monitor magazine, worked with Bill at his online radio station, Radio Scooter International.

Fred writes:

“Bill Bergadano was the nicest guy you would ever want to know.. He “freinded” me on Facebook sometime in 2010 or 2011. He had been one of my readers, at Monitoring Times and the Ontario DX Association for years. Bill ran internet radio station Radio Scooter International. He said, “Hey, c’mon over to the chatroom during my show” (Bill’s show The Friday Night Party, was the flagship show on the station). I did. I got to know Jeri and Mary Anthony and Carrie Walden Merritt and of course Bill and the rest of the chatroom gang.

After a spell, he said “Why don’t you do a show on RSI?” At first I dismissed the idea as ludicrous. Me? Host a radio show?? Why me? Then I got to thinking “Why NOT me?” I have been a fan of radio since 1969, written about it in various forums since 1986. Why not try it? If nothing else it would be an interesting experience for a few weeks to try things from the other side of the mic. So I did. In August 2012, The Radio Time Capsule debuted to no acclaim. I told no one. I figured if I fell flat on my face no one would know but me and Bill and a small circle of friends.

Well I did fall flat on my face. I was terrible. Nervous. But Bill encouraged me. After a few weeks I started to get comfortable, relax and enjoy the show. I love it now. I owe Bill a huge debt of gratitude just for giving me the opportunity to do something this fun and creative.

Bill shared a love of radio as a broadcaster and a listener. He was an avid Ham, in fact one of our last conversations was about a Ham he had worked. He also had a fabulous sense of humour. I will never forget his silly jokes. He would give you the shirt off his back. He also attended many of the Winter SWL Fests over the years. His was a life well lived. A remarkable fellow I was proud to call my friend.

I have no idea what the future will hold. But my pal Bill will always be part of it. I will carry his memory and friendship with me as long as I live.”

Many thanks, Fred for sharing your memories of Bill.

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4 thoughts on “Remembering Bill Bergadano

  1. Kevin Murray

    I am so sadden to see this post. Bill, Ulis, and myself all used to “hang out” together on the forerunner to #swlchat on old efnet. We had modems back then and had to logon/off every while to reset our session. I was Kevin-VA back then…this is a BIG hole folks….RIP Bill. You will be missed! 73’s


  2. Ulis Fleming

    Well written Fred. You described Bill exactly as the last time I saw him many years ago. I first met Bill on Bob Browns 40 meter SWL net in the late 80s. Bill always had a smile and made an effort to make others laugh and feel good. A real gentleman. 73 Bill! RIP OM.

  3. Richard Cuff

    Very sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. Bill was indeed a long time supporter of the Winter SWL Fest. Up until 5 years ago or thereabouts, Bill was responsible for contacting shortwave stations and requested schedules, pens, and other background information that we would give away at the Fest. Unfortunately broadcasters stopped printing this information or ceased to exist, as we all know. As you might expect, Bill was saddened and angered to see broadcasters abandon the use of shortwave, as he considered their abandonment radio to be an abandonment of him as a listener.

    Bill derived much joy from radio, and only recently grew to embrace Internet-based “radio” such as his own “Radio Scooter International”. “Scooter” was Bill’s beloved Scottish terrier whose passing several years back left a big hole in his life.

    Bill and his contributions to radio will be missed. I considered him a friend.



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